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Every time you travel to Wildwood your car emits carbon into the atmosphere. The introduction of carbon in all its forms is the main cause of global warming. Wildwood is asking all its members to donate an additional 1 per month to their monthly membership fee to offset the carbon they produce on their journeys to Wildwood. Wildwood will help conserve nature reserves, where the carbon produced by your car as you travel to Wildwood will be locked back into nature. This approach also creates and protects habitats for many types of endangered animals and plants, as well as making a contribution to reducing the effect you have on global warming.

Go carbon neutral on your trip to Wildwood - Today!

For full details of the carbon neutral membership see Go Carbon Neutral Leaflet (PDF)

To apply for membership and add an extra donation, please see our Membership Form (PDF)

By adding an extra 1 donation per month, membership will cost: 

Go Carbon Neutral Leaflet
Membership Form

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