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Our Cute Corner (formerly known as Animal Encounters) is a special section of easily recognisable animals for our pre-school visitors, although everyone is welcome to have a look!

Our collection changes from time to time so stop by and have a look to see who's around for your visit!

Please note that our animals are given as natural a life as possible and cannot be handled by visitors.

Chickens  |  Pigmy Goats  |  Rabbits


Chickens are kept all over the world to provide people with meat and eggs. There are around 70 billion chickens worldwide, that's about 10 for every person!

There are many different breeds of chicken, and they come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Some, like our Peking chickens at Wildwood, have feathers on their feet. Polish chickens have funky feathered hairdos!

Chickens can't fly very well, but by flapping their wings as they run they can travel at around 9 miles an hour.

Lots of people are afraid of animals like snakes or spiders, but did you know some people are afraid of chickens? A fear of chickens is known as alektorophobia.

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Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats come from Africa. They are friendly, good natured and curious animals.

Goats were first kept ('domesticated') by people about 9000 years ago! Domestic goats are now found all over the world. Goats are normally kept for milk and meat, but pygmy goats are often kept as pets.

Goats prefer to live in herds. The proper name for a herd of goats is a 'trip'. A male goat is called a 'billy' and a female goat is called a 'nanny'. Baby goats are called 'kids'.

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Rabbits are one of Britain's most popular pets. There are many different breeds. They all have long ears and excellent hearing and their long back legs to leap away from danger.

Our rabbits are fed hay, rabbit pellets and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. They particularly like green vegetables like cabbage and Brussels sprouts!

Pet Rabbits are descended from European wild rabbits. As you walk around the park look out for wild rabbits nibbling on grass and dandelions.

Adopt a rabbit today!

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