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Secondary school visits at Wildwood

Secondary: KS3 - KS4

Find out about woodland ecology, habitats, food chains, conservation and adaptation on a trip to Wildwood. 

Try invertebrate sampling (sieving leaf litter) and see how each animal adapts to its environment and forms part of the woodland food web.

Go inside for our a Super Sleuths workshop - a raucous team competition based on teeth, skulls, antlers and other artefacts - and understand mammal adaptation from first hand examples.

CSI: Wildwood is one of our most popular KS3 workshops. It brings together adaptation, food chains and practical problem solving as students try to solve the woodland muder mystery of Who Killed Mr Bunny.

There are many more topics on offer - including leisure and tourism - and we will design a day just for you! See our Secondary Activities List for details.

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