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Meet the bears at Wildwood

Wildwood Bear Experiences

Your chance to meet our amazing rescued bears

Wildwood Bear Experiences are a unique opportunity to meet and learn all about Wildwood's two resuced bears with exclusive behind the scenes access. Participants will meet the bears and give them a breakfast treat before letting them out into their enclosure to hunt for some hidden treats.
Participants receive:

Bear Experiences currently run on Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays (one per day) at 9.30am.

Bear Experiences are for either 1 or 2 participants, all children must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age 7yrs. 


To book a Bear Experience please call 01227 712 111

Terms and Conditions:

* We will always attempt to allow you to feed both of our bears, however, we cannot guarantee that the bears will go along with our plans! Please don't be offended if a bear decides they don't want to come over for food.

Maximum of one bear experience per day.

Minimum age for a bear experience is 7 years. All children under the age of ten years must hold the hand of their parent / guardian at all times

Participants are required to sign the Animal Experiences at Wildwood Trust Disclaimer

Participants must stand 1/2 a metre away from the bear mesh at all times

Participants must face towards the bear mesh at all times. 

Due to health and safety restrictions, Bear Experiences are strictly limited to a maximum of 2 participants, be they adults or children. This means that Bear Experiences can only be booked for 1 x Adult or 2 x Adult or 1 Adult + 1 Child.

To book a Bear Experience please call 01227 712 111

Wildwood Bear Experiences